Careers In Food – Chilli Baby

Posted by CITUK | 26/04/2012 | News

The Food and Drink Federation’s Latest Campaign ~ Chilli Baby ~

Careers in the UK is proud to support the FDF with their latest Careers in Food campaign. The FDF is encouraging young people into a food career by way of a new viral video campaign, which in all honesty, is extremely amusing!

View the Chilli Baby video below and share with everyone you know to encourage people to a new career in food!

Careers: Taste Success – A Future in Food

FDF’s Careers Campaign aim to show that the UK food and drink manufacturing sector is a ‘career of first choice’.

FDF ‘tasty’ Careers Campaign

Taste Success logoHave you ever considered a career in the food and drink manufacturing industry? Well it’s definitely worth thinking about if you want a career that is stimulating, innovative and fast-moving – and FDF’s new Careers Campaign aims to point you in the right direction. ‘Taste Success – A Future in Food’ is FDF’s Careers Campaign and it aims to show potential entrants that the UK food and drink manufacturing sector is a ‘career of first choice’. The food and drink sector is the UK’s largest manufacturing sector, accounting for 16% of the UK’s total manufacturing sector, employing 400,000 people directly in the UK, and as many as 1.2 million in related food services. Despite the food and drink sector being the biggest manufacturing sector in the UK, and one of the largest food and drink manufacturing industry in the world, the sector is certainly not complacent. Consumers are more concerned than ever about healthy eating, therefore the industry needs to attract the right people into the sector, now and in the future, who have the appropriate skills and attitude to cope with the growing demands of the public, both at home and globally, to produce food that is safe and of good quality.

Key objectives of the campaign will be to:

  • promote the food and drink manufacturing sector as a viable career of first choice for school leavers and graduates;
  • dispel the myth that the food and drink sector is outdated by showing young people that the sector is leading the way in regards to scientific and technological innovation, research and development;
  • show young people that by obtaining internationally recognised, accredited qualifications and training opportunities there is a wealth of long-term career opportunities available to them in the sector;
  • address the current skills gaps in the food and drink manufacturing sector that will need to be filled if the UK food and drink industry is to compete, not only at a national level but on a global scale, particularly in the areas of food science and technology.

Current figures show that by 2017 the sector will require 137,000 new recruits, 45,000 will be for managerial roles and professional occupations (33%). Therefore a key aim of the campaign will be to inform young people, careers advisors and parents that a career in our sector is a good long-term career option.

A key focus of the Careers Campaign will be to highlight the current shortage of qualified food scientists and technologists.

According to figures, one in five food scientist and food technologist vacancies in the UK are hard to fill. Our campaign will aspire to engage young people and show them that by becoming the food scientists and food technologists of the future, they can enjoy a rewarding career with lots of exciting opportunities, as well as play a pivotal role in ensuring that there is a skilled and suitably qualified workforce in the ever competitive and highly developed UK food sector. The food and drink manufacturing sector is certainly one to be proud of, and this campaign aims to prove that. The ‘Taste Success – A Future in Food’ campaign will champion the sector and highlight to stakeholders, including business, government and the media, the positive contribution that the food and drink industry makes to society.

Like Chilli Baby? Careers in the UK does!