Employee Fired Due To Facebook Remarks Of A Work Colleague

Posted by CITUK | 01/05/2012 | News

An employment tribunal has upheld a company’s dismissal of an employee that posted lewd comments about a co-worker on the social network, Facebook. The employee in question posted several comments regarding a fellow employee that was viewed, and reported, by another colleague who was in his circle of friends on the social network.

After deliberating the issue, the company decided upon dismissing the employee based on grounds of sexual harassment.

Employees must be wary of writing anything that can be deemed as harassment or bullying of colleagues, not only on social networking sites several other avenues, listed below.

  • Sending offensive or threatening emails to a colleague, especially where that person has asked you to stop
  • Texting or tweeting
  • Sharing a person’s private data online
  • Bombarding someone with emails where previous email approaches have been rejected. This can happen where a superior is placing unrealistic expectations on another employee, leading to the distress of that employee, and can amount to cyber bullying in extreme cases

An advantage in dealing with cyber bullying over traditional bullying is that it occurs in a public domain and is not easily hidden. Text messages, tweets, emails and blog posts can often be traced, even if the bully posts anonymous comments.

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