Furniture Designer – South London - وظائف في دول العالم

Furniture Designer – South London

Description of the Position

A Furniture Designer is needed by a very successful high-end furniture manufacturing firm to design new furniture lines and furniture to fit bespoke requirements.

Furniture Designer
Furniture Designer

Jobs as a Furniture Designer

With a turnover of over 5 million pounds, the company takes a proactive approach to its business and is constantly working to improve its furniture designs in order to impress its high-end customers. Furniture that is designed and built to order for exclusive clients such as hotels, home builders, and wealthy individuals, has a design that is second to none.

  • Dynamic \sEnergetic \sCreative
  • A keen sense of design

Vacancy Qualifications

If you have prior experience designing high-end furniture, you will be highly sought after. Demonstrating a design history for A class clients is highly sought after, but the personality and approach of the designer are the real keys to landing the job.

The company provides a competitive salary and benefits package, as well as a career path that will appeal to ambitious individuals.

Get in touch if you want to work for a company that creates high-end furniture for a select clientele.

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